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Your Users and Protecting Your Digital Assets

Microsoft Canada

When you're trying to protect your digital assets, you may be interested to know that firewalls, encryption, anti-viral and anti-spyware software are not enough. To your average hacker, these are mere annoyances. If you are looking to truly protect your network, you need to target the real issues, the users.

Most users tend to believe that security software is flawless, and that they are protected at all times. They may even believe that opening email attachments is safe. This is not the case. A simple virus can be deployed along side with an email that states job opportunities, or even have a subject line hint at job bonuses. In some cases, the viruses came from emails that were in the junk folder of the email. This is why they need to be trained and tested often.

You average remote attacker may deploy infected email attachments that are capable of multiplying on networks until all resources can be connected into a form of bot net that can either be programmed to send out spam, or take down the business, or others.

Local hackers can use social hacking, to convince people to do things. Social hacking is an art form truly unique. The number of ways we can obtain information simply using a phone call, or standing outside a business complex is outstanding. Hold a clipboard and a plausible petition, and you get names of people, maybe even phone numbers, emails, etc... Hackers with illicit intent can then use this information to get into your network by deploying viruses, spyware, or even by asking someone to do something on a computer that would allow a remote connection. Once an illicit hacker is in your network, the only way to get him or her out, disconnect manually, and reset your security parameters. If you have viruses, you need to format and re-install.

Are the users the big the issue here? Short or long answer, is YES.

There are things you can do to protect your business.

And, should you need more assistance, you can always communicate with us for more technical support. If your local, we can also demonstrate, for a fee, safely, what we mean by the user is the issue.

Written by Steve Smith

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