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Restoring Unity Toolbar Manually

Microsoft Canada

Whenever a new version of an operating system comes out, there is bound to be someone that tinkers with the navigation of the operating system without judging the pros and cons of his/her action.

If you removed the Unity toolbar from Ubuntu 11.04 without going though the user mode switch method, you need to the following to restore Unity, and be able to regain access to all its features.

  1. Press on Ctrl-Alt-T
  2. In terminal enter: sudo apt-get install unity
  3. enter your password
  4. allow it to install the Unity application from the terminal
  5. restart your computer by pressing ctrl-alt-del

Now, if you followed the instructions carefully, you will regain access to your computers navigation. If you wish to turn off Unity after all this, please read the show notes for Technology Questions Answered, Episode 35 : Disabling Unity in Ubuntu 11.04.


Written by Steve Smith

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