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You've got clients, and a business to run. You need information to be easily accessible, and a navigation system that allows current, past and future clients access to this information. You don't have money or time to waste. This is why You need Zed Axis Productions. We get your needs. We build simple to navigate, professional designs incorporating the latest in web development design concepts and technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, XML and PHP5.

We emphasize compatibility and optimize your pages for search engines, social networks, and social sharing sites like Reddit. We make web-sites that can be accessed from any smart phone whether it is BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, iPhone, etc... Our pages can be accessed with any tablet device supporting HTML5. To achieve this, we use HTML5, not Flash. We know Your needs, and this is why You need us, Zed Axis Productions.

Design Concepts for Web-site Design

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Making Web-sites that are successful requires several aspects of design to be applied in order to make a web-site sucessful. First, is always content. If you have no content for your web-site, do not make it. It will never be indexed if the content is not there.

Secondly, update your web-site often. The more you update, the more people will come back, and the higher you will be rated by search engines.

The third idea, is making the text visable. Clean transitions between the text and the background is important. Black on white, white on black, you get the idea. If you want to place a background on your web-site, do not put it behind the text. The harder the text is to read, the faster the visitors will leave, and never come back.

Fourthly, navigation is by far more important than anything else. If you can't navigate a web-site easily, you will leave, do not allow your visitors to be confused. I state over and over again to our clients, that links back to the home pages, and other sections are just as important as the content, it allows people to have a choice of where they go in your site, and find what they need. Make the navigation bar easy to find, and do not use frames to make a menu. The are other problems that can arise from using frames. We prefer that the menu be on the top, or left side of the website.

Lastly, the graphics on your web-site. Use a program like adobe image ready, to reduce the sizes of the photos. Always make your web-site easily navigationable by those who use lower bandwidth modems. Certain rural areas, and cities do not have access to high speed broadband. Allowing your visitors to easily download your web-site makes them more likely to come back, and that is always good for business.

Written by Steve Smith

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