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Hooking Up Your PS3/Xbox 360 TO PC LCD

Microsoft Canada

There is a simpler way of connecting your favorite gaming console to your computer screen, as long as you are using either a hdmi or hdmi/dvi-d cable. Just connect it together. In your manual you have a page that explains how to change the connection type, just read the manual instead of downloading instructions already given to you.

What's not in your manual, is how you get the sound out of the console. Chances are, if your are going to use your pc LCD, that it has no speakers. The easiest way is you use the line in on your pc to broadcast your sound. Now, if you don't want to leave your pc on when you play video games, you will need a audio switcher. Audio switchers can cost as little as $15 at Radioshack. 

Of course, if your willing to spend a little more money, and want to conserve the nautral surround sound, I personal suggest that you use a audio/visual hdmi sound amp, it will allow you to connect to your screen, and let you play on surround sound. Best of all, you have feed your computer's sound through the audio/visual amp.

Written by Steve Smith

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