Why You need Zed Axis Productions

You've got clients, and a business to run. You need information to be easily accessible, and a navigation system that allows current, past and future clients access to this information. You don't have money or time to waste. This is why You need Zed Axis Productions. We get your needs. We build simple to navigate, professional designs incorporating the latest in web development design concepts and technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, XML and PHP5.

We emphasize compatibility and optimize your pages for search engines, social networks, and social sharing sites like Reddit. We make web-sites that can be accessed from any smart phone whether it is BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, iPhone, etc... Our pages can be accessed with any tablet device supporting HTML5. To achieve this, we use HTML5, not Flash. We know Your needs, and this is why You need us, Zed Axis Productions.

Services Offered Internationally

Web-site Development

We offer web-site development services for individuals, small and medium sized business. We offer many options including low cost standards driven web-site templates, web-sites with content management systems, RSS driven web-sites, and web-sites for multimedia web-sites like online radios, video web-sites and web-sites for podcasters.

Social Networking Integration

We offer individuals and business the chance to get connected with their clients, fans and subscribers by integrating social networks into web-sites allowing the general public to share various public pages with multiple social networks and content delivery engines.

Graphic Design

We created custom two and three dimensional graphics and renditions for a multitude of projects, including but not limited to web-site logos, merchandising, and videos.

Audio/Video Editing

Interested in online radio, podcasting, movies and online video? We offer consultation services on how to get started, teach people to start editing their own content, and we can edit your projects for you. If you need help with the setup, production, and post production, we are there to help you succeed.

Digital Technologies Consultation

Every once in a while, you may succumb to the stresses of determining which devices meet your current and future needs. We know, love and collect gadgets for every use, let us help you decide which gadgets are for you, and help you future proof your investments by avoiding electronics with little future potential.

Services Offered Locally

Custom Computer Builds

You can always get a computer from large stores like Best Buy, Futureshop, or Dell, but, if you looking for a real performance machine, or looking for lower cost computers with future potential, we can build your custom computer to you likings.

Computer Maintenance and Repair

Whether you want to do some spring cleaning, backup your data, clean the your computer's components, or reinstall your operating system, we can help you get your computer back up and running like new.

Network Design and Management

Looking to install a new network in your home or office? We can help you choose which network solutions are best for you, and manage all the details for you. We provide details on how to secure your network and can help you teach your employees how to stay safe and online within your business' network. If your an individual and want to secure access to your network, prevent your children from accessing undesirable content online, or make everything in your home work together, we can head over to your location to deal with all the details for you, so you don't have to.

Computer, Network and Server Security Consultation

Worried about the security of your home and business? We can help you analyze the various weaknesses of your home and business computers, networks and servers. We provide fully detailed list of current flaws and weaknesses and provide live demonstrations of exploitable weaknesses. We detail every step you need to follow to secure your digital assets and data.