Why You need Zed Axis Productions

You've got clients, and a business to run. You need information to be easily accessible, and a navigation system that allows current, past and future clients access to this information. You don't have money or time to waste. This is why You need Zed Axis Productions. We get your needs. We build simple to navigate, professional designs incorporating the latest in web development design concepts and technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, XML and PHP5.

We emphasize compatibility and optimize your pages for search engines, social networks, and social sharing sites like Reddit. We make web-sites that can be accessed from any smart phone whether it is BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, iPhone, etc... Our pages can be accessed with any tablet device supporting HTML5. To achieve this, we use HTML5, not Flash. We know Your needs, and this is why You need us, Zed Axis Productions.

Our Web-site Development Portfolio

TQA Weekly

TQA Weekly is a weekly technology podcast that explains how to use different types of operating systems, software, electronics, and explains many principles on the internet. TQA Weekly, also, includes many troubleshooting videos on how to get some electronics back up and running.

The web-site is designed to allow the maximum amount of multimedia and information into the smallest common screens. Designed to look great on a 13 inch laptop, this web-site allows users to watch episodes and read the show notes at the same time. All required information is placed at the click of a mouse.


The Real Zed Axis

The Real Zed Axis is based from the point of view of Steve Smith, the creator of Zed Axis Productions, and host of TQA Weekly. Besides being a web developer and digital technologies consultant, he also works in a gas station, and has many unique adventures and views deriving from such employment.

The web-site is running on top of Wordpress, and running a podcast, thanks to podpress. This type of web-site is extremely fast to deploy, and allows users with little experience to run professional web-sites.


Her Story of Mainville and Patenaude

There is no more massive a database than genealogy. And, this web-site is running PHP Ged View, and this is a demonstration of services we offer. We can deploy applications and pre-made web-sites for specific purposes.

For those that are curious, genealogy is the study of family history. This is a web-site featuring my own history, and all the research is being done by my mother. A typical web-site like this takes less than 30 minutes to setup, including upload of files, and activation of mysql 5.0.