Why You need Zed Axis Productions

You've got clients, and a business to run. You need information to be easily accessible, and a navigation system that allows current, past and future clients access to this information. You don't have money or time to waste. This is why You need Zed Axis Productions. We get your needs. We build simple to navigate, professional designs incorporating the latest in web development design concepts and technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, XML and PHP5.

We emphasize compatibility and optimize your pages for search engines, social networks, and social sharing sites like Reddit. We make web-sites that can be accessed from any smart phone whether it is BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, iPhone, etc... Our pages can be accessed with any tablet device supporting HTML5. To achieve this, we use HTML5, not Flash. We know Your needs, and this is why You need us, Zed Axis Productions.

What is Zed Axis Productions?

Zed Axis Productions is a Canadian freelance sub-contracting company that primarily works with small and medium sized business build their presence on the internet and expand the walls of business to include the world in an otherwise local business.

We support businesses with services in web-development, graphic design, publication design, computer design and repair. We deal with audio and video for podcast and other media rich medians.

We consult with businesses on issues such as identity theft protection, maintenance of digital technology equipment, tendences in media, etc...

Locally, we build, maintain, and repair computers and equipment for homes, and offices. We provided installation services for computers, sound systems, audio-visual equipment, in-home/in-office security systems, etc...

We also consult with businesses on many issues that affect the current internet business market model, making them aware of new technologies to better their businesses.

The History of Zed Axis Productions

Zed Axis Productions started out as S.W.D.C., in 1997, and was exculsively a web-development company. It later grew to include such services like DreamScape Search which was a standard multi-threaded search engine designed to scan multiple search engines for content. Later on Zero Exodus, a internet technology web-site was started to help people learn about the internet and how to make web-sites. Finally, in 2001, Zed Axis Productions acquired all three services making its first debut as a triple service company. Acting not only as consultants, Zed Axis Productions continued to design web-sites, and some in-house search engines, and started making web-sites for other technologies such as Intranets, Mobile Phones, etc... With the years we have included a massive list of services which now include server testing, computer design, maintenance and repair.

Our company policy is to put our clients first, by notifying them of current trends, services and products to be better their lives, and businesses. We include watchdog services for web-site where we monitor web-sites so we can repair them if a third-party server crashes, or hacker attacks. We maintain backups for businesses, at nominal fee, in the eventuality, that something does happen, out of all our hands.

We our motivated to offer as many services to our clients under one home, so several years ago we started enlisting professionals from many facets of technology, music, movie design, electronics, to help us offer more services. We now use exclusively the services of freelancers to lower the overall contracting costs for small and medium business, allowing them to compete against bigger services.

We will also offer listings of relevant podcasts to better inform our clients and guests in the many facets of todays technology, and we currently have serveral articles listing solutions for many of today's questions and headaches, now including services with dealing with newer console technologies, which we believe is important due to the fact that we can now do far more with them, than we ever were able to do before. For example, the Sony PS3 is virtually a computer, with the ability to hold Yellow Dog Linux, allowing, when used with a keyboard and mouse, the ability to use it as a computer.